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Your Reliable Exhaust Fans Manufacturer​

Do you want to find a reliable wholesale Exhaust Fans manufacturer?

Looking for a trusted business partner?

Looking for European quality and competitive prices ?

KiroMina will be your first choice. We can manufacture different types of Exhaust Fans like bathroom fans, Kitchen Fans & Industrial Fans. Kiromina has more than 25 years of experience in producing various Exhaust Fans Types. After years of experience in exploration and growth, we have been able to design, R&D, and produce for our customers.

- Exhaust fans in a variety of shapes, sizes and blade material.
- Unique design gives it superior air flow.
- Logistical facilities, fast international shipping, and a distinctive geographical location.
- Five-year warranty with technical support and spare parts

KiroMina Exhaust Fans For Your Business​

Zeven new12344.png

Domestic Exhaust fan

We present to you zeven by Kiromina: the elegant and innovative solution for superior air quality in bathrooms, homes, and offices. This reliable and quiet fan seamlessly integrates into any space, offering versatile installation options to effectively circulate air. Trust Kiromina to deliver a high-quality product that enhances a refreshing and healthy indoor environment.

Kiromina alu new.png

Industrial Fan

We present to you Kirovent: the ideal industrial fan for factories, hotels, and large kitchens. With its exceptional airflow and quiet operation, Kirovent ensures a peaceful working environment. It is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into any space. Choose from blades made of aluminum, steel, or plastic to meet your needs, and select between 220 or 380 volts for flexibility. Trust Kirovent for reliable and efficient air circulation, enhancing the atmosphere of any industrial setting.


Domestic Exhaust Fan

We present to you Kirovent, the household fan designed to enhance air circulation in residential kitchens. With its quiet operation and optimal airflow, this high-performance fan ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment. Say goodbye to cooking odors and humidity with Kirovent, the optimal solution for improving air quality. Enjoy a fresh and enjoyable cooking experience with this reliable and efficient fan, making it an indispensable addition to any kitchen.

Our Customers

Custom Manufacturing

Every year we Create more than 100 innovative designs for the market. You can provide sketches/designs for us to design, and we can sign an NDA to protect all the designs of every client.

Fast Delivery Time (15-60 days)

While maintaining quality, our professional factory produces your products quickly to ensure that your business’s production and distribution schedules are not delayed or interrupted.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is our top priority. As a leading domestic and industrial fan manufacturer, we are dedicated to delivering products that meet the highest standards. Through rigorous testing and inspections, we ensure our fans are durable, efficient, and perform flawlessly. Trust us for exceptional quality fans that enhance air circulation and comfort in any setting.


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